Nano pulls out of Bengal

Today, is a very sad day for Bengal. Our blue-eyed baby called Nano has suffered an unnecessary /br /The nemesis called Miss Mamata Banerjee… an insane lady. I have followed her political career since 1996. She used to be in the Congress those days. In the election of April (or was it later?) 1996, there was a big traffic congestion somewhere in south Calcutta. A very normal phenomena, I suppose, except for a young man perched on the top of a white ambassador, a jerry can of kerosene to keep company, threatening to set himself on fire if his dear Didi (Elder Sister) did not sign on the nomination paper(for the elections). The dear Didi, on her part, not to be out matched by her dear brother, was wrestling with a Kashmiri Shawl. Excuse my expression, she wasnt exactly wrestling with the shawl, rather she was trying to strangle herself with /br /This is our leader, our so called Agni Kanya, the Fire Daughter of Bengal. The Dr. Mamata Banerjee. There was a big hue and cry about her (self-proclaimed) PhD., though. But I can assure you, and you will find millons who attest, that she did obtain her PhD. from the a href=””Film and Television Institue, Pune/a, specialising in Drama. She put in lot of effort, and you can see her superb skills today on the Bengal political /br /I really admire her acting skills. The kind of statements she issues to the media. And the people cannot help but laud her for that. I mean they have to. India (and West Bengal) has had a long tradition of great comedians. Right from the days of Birbal, Gopal Bhanr through Mahmood, Johnny Walker, Robi Ghosh, Chinmoy, Bhanu… And, not to limit itself, it has now spilled over to the political scene. If the Biharis have their Lalu, बंगाल क्या पीछे रहेगा? Why, we have our own Mamata. Believe me, she is a great artist. I still remember the time I used to be in Calcutta, 1996/98, every morning she used to entertain us by her so many unique /br /But, for whatever reasons, I must admit, she was quite a phenomena even back then. She had something that attracted (and still does) huge youth following. The bloody fools, hardly in their 19s or 20s, jobless, penniless, hopeless, miserable, were ready to lay their lives for their dear Didi. And their dear Didi… well, never ever missed her opportunity. She somehow, always managed to keep herself in the /br /I had once the great honour of attending one of this Lady’s meetings she was addressing on the eve of the General Elections 1997/98, the year Trinamool Congress broke away from the Congress. The venue was Purno Cinema, Asutosh Mukherjee Road, South Calcutta. It was just a stone’s throw from my hostel. It was about eight in the evening, the road was swelling with crowds, eager to catch a glimpse of Mamata, as always happens in her rallies. The great leader rises up in the dias, starts speaking. She is very eloquent, only if she could improve her accent a bit. I am not talking about her English here, suffice it to say that even kids speak better Bengali than her. Hearing her speak should convince anyone, that she is, in all fairnesss, only around less than a quarter educated. We do hope (in the name of God) she manages to become at least half-educated soon. I will not comment on her English, because, as a general agreement between friends, we covered our ears every time she spoke, or rather, attempted to speak, English. My ears were bleeding by the time she finished her speech. But the masses were ecstatic, and that what matters. This lady had something so loud about her, that I had an immediate revulsion towards her. I dont know why, there was something in her, her gait, or the way she carried herself… why, our Kaajer Maasi, our Cleaning Maid… even she was more presentable than /br /I will never forget this… before she eneded her speech, this cheap lady brings up a boy of around eight or nine on the dias. The boy make in front of the mike boldly, and dutifully started demanding a Park from his Jyoti Grandpa, where he could play. And on that day, I knew there are no depths to which this Lady wont stoop to gain cheap political mileage. I mean just think… politics is a very dirty game played between adults, for whatever reasons. Why corrupt a child’s innocence with it? Even horrible people like Priyanka Wadhera (or Gandhi?) did not do that yet, but I may be wrong. Possibly she did bring her kids in tow in Amethi once, but I do think they addressed a /br /And I am sad to say that I was damn right. See how this Dr. Mamata Banerjee has held the entire state of West Bengal to ransom. She has dragged West Bengal 50 years backwards, no /br /Once our Sonar Bangla, is now a desert. Nothing ever happens there. Young people have to migrate to Noida or Bangalore for their bread, and few are lucky to get back. I, for instance, can never go back! I do not know any other state that has suffered this much… right from the days of the partition. She was split, her body and soul cut into two. From one Mahiruha, it was chopped off to two bushes of West Bengal and East Bengal. Then came the influx to refugees fleeing from the atrocities of the Muslims in East Bengal. The single state of West Bengal bore the brunt of the population of the whole Bengal. But there was still growth. Industries flourished. We had Bidhan Roy’s dream city of Durgapur. Education was par excellence. Our Presidency, IIT Kharagpur, was still the best in the country. While we migrated to Bangalore for studying Engineering, our Professors had done their masters from /br /I am not trying to prove anything here. I am just stating the facts. And then came the Naxalite Movement. It is very sad that Mahatma Gandhi, whatever his short comings, had this great Gun, he followed what he preached. Not so with Charu Mazumdar. When our famous Colleges burnt in the hey dey of the Naxals, his children studied studiously in some US university, all the while, their great Daddy yelled at top of his lungs “Burn Colleges, Ban Education”.br /br /The repression was severe. An entire generation, the very cream of the Bengal society, all students, all intellectuals, all in their late teens, early adult hood, were killed like dogs. The police were indiscriminate and merciless. A common story goes like this. A van full of students, all suspected Naxalites, arrives at an open ground. Calcutta, in the seventies was lot spacious than now. The Seargent opens the doors. The confused group slowly gets down and is bundled in a line. The Constable prods them in their ribs, jestfully tells them, his tone like an indulgant father, “Guys, am letting you go this once. Make sure you do not create trouble in future. Now, before some one arrests you again, RUN”. The confused lot ran, well, they were FREEE. The whole ground reverbrates with sudden burst of gun fire. Next morning, the headlines announce, a group of Naxalite terrorist killed in encounter. They were trying to escape from the Police Van in which they were being carried. In this war against the Naxalites, either you were with them, or you were /br /Such stories abound. I am not saying that the Naxalites were good either. They had their own share of violence too. I know of a particularly sad incident. A man had just harvested his field and his Morai was full. A Naxalite cadre came and demanded a sackfull from him. He asked him to seek alms elsewhere. The wife was preparing Payas for him in the kitchen. As she came with the dish, she saw her husband’s severed head lying near his arm chair. Refusing a cadre could cost you dear. They were feared everywhere. Caught between double pincers of the Police and the Naxalites, the common man /br /The Naxalite movement had many ramifications. An entire generation of the highly intellectual Bengalis were lost for ever. The ones who remained were maimed and scarred for the rest of their lives, victims of the Police Interrogation with Third Degree. Some of them managed to limp on their crutches, other
s were not so lucky. Also, some of the honest cadres became suddenly rich and started big business. And the greatest political effect was the complete route of the Congress and the gradual rule of the Communist Left Front, who correctly managed to highlight the Naxalite phenomena to their political /br /Then came a period which saw the quick rise of millitant unionism, closure of industries, lockout, a complete industrial meltdown in the state from the late seventies, to well into nineties, thirty odd years that West Bengal was (and continues to be) under the /br /My only regret here is that, when the turning point came, with even the Communists pushing for industrial development, and a very enthusiastic Chief Minister at the helm, we have Madame Mamata palying /br /Well, I am not saying all that happened in Singur was fair. No, it never was. We know the high-handedness of the CPIM. There were atrocities and certain people do need to be brought to justice. Yes, I fully concur. People have been arm-twisted to part with their land. I agree. But, there could always be a compromise. And compromise does not happen if this insane Lady drwas a firm line and always sticks to her guns. How could the land from within the factory premises be returned? How can Madame Banerjee, inspite of her PhD (in drama), decide how much land is needed by the Tatas?br /br /I hope she has to pay for this in future. Though I am not particularly fond of the Communinsts, but, I will hope for the day when West Bengal will be ridden of this pest called Mamata. A sick lady. For God’s sake, why doesnt she get married and leave politics and other serious matter in the hands of those having a bit more sense? This lady is complete insane. She can do anything to keep staying in limelight. I think its time that we people get together and tell her that its time for her to retire and rid West Bengal of /br /After all that happened, now she is happily claiming that the Tata pullout was a “joint game plan” with Buddha. She is even surpassing herself. I mean, this is incredible. And the fact that she actually believes that people will buy that proves that she is completely lost her /br /I have jus one message for her:br /Madame Banerjee, please learn to speak Bengali properly, and then English, and then perhaps, think of leading Bengal. You are too ambitious. You always tried to be the CM… Remember how you quit the Union Cabinet in the NDA on very filmsy grounds? You cant fool us any more. We wont be conned by you. Why dont you take a longish break and try to get married. Though, I pity the man who marries you. And if you ever get married, please do not try to have kids. One Mamata is good enough, we dont want a whole dynasty.

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