Way to wealth

This is one of the most interesting and intriguing topics that has eluded, so to speak, the sharpest minds since the dawn of human history. How to be rich?

There are many ways to be rich. I will share with you a few tips on how you can save money. They say, a penny saved is a penny earned. I have learnt these by carefully observing the habits of one of my friends, who has become rich at a very young age, referred to as Mr. J.

Table manners

There were about 10 of us assembled for lunch at a famous hotel. At the end of it, when the bill comes, its evenly split by 10. Mr. J grabs the bill quickly and raises his hand. He has a problem. He did not order the mineral water bottle costing around 10/- bucks. Why should he pay for it? So the Rs. 10/- is deducted from the entire amount and he pays the due. That’s our Daniel.

When lending money, remember…

The disadvantage of being rich is that you always have a few friends requesting bail outs, frequently. So our friend Mr. J lends this guy some 5,000/- bucks. Since he has transferred the amount to a different bank, his bank has charged him 10.5/- bucks towards service charge. Mr. J here meticulously mails the borrower to precisely give him back Rs. 5,010.50/-. The borrower, wrongly assumed that to be a harmless joke. So he returns Rs. 5,000/-, round. Immediately he gets a mail from J, “Man, you disappointed me, you gave me 10.5 bucks less”. Immediately the borrower transferred him the balance. Fair is fair.

Phone ethics

We have a common friend who regularly works out from 7:00-7:30 in the morning. Most of the days after getting back home, he used to see Mr. J had called. Obviously he used to call J back. One day, he was sick with fever. Mr. J calls him and he picks up the call. J gets the surprise of his life: he blurts out “Man, aren’t you supposed to work out now? How the hell did you pick up my call?”. Moral of the story: call people when you know they will never be able to attend your call. In fact, avoid calling your friends from your mobile phone if you can help. You can always peruse the office phone during the week days.


If you follow this to the letter, no doubt your bank balance will increase. But do not blame me if your own wife calls you a cheapo or a miser in public.