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I have had the dubious distinction of working for, let me count, seven companies in the span of six years, starting from November, 2002. Well I will not name the names or give any reason for this kind of dynamic career, suffice it to say that the circumstances were, well, /br /Let me recount some memorable moments with you. The events narrated here are not in chronological /br /span style=”font-weight: bold;font-size:100%;” Comedy of errors/spanbr /br /Once upon a time…br /I had the good fortune of with working with a very sharp guy called Mr. Holmes. Of course that was his nick-name which he earned due to his passion of finding out facts as our famous detective from Baker Street did. His ways, though, were very different, anyway I will talk about that later /br /Mr. Holmes also had this knack of giving a code-name (and, not to mention, it was always funny) for all his colleagues based on their nature. So, we had the Magarmuchh [Crocodile], Bhubhu or The Hutch Pup[this was because of his hair], the Crow, the evil Pagal Gilehri [the Mad Squirrel, not to be confused with the Super Squirrel, who was good], the Great Owl [I swear she looked like one], the Bandar [Monkey], the Jhansi Ki Raani [the Queen of Jhansi, as she was a bit of a warrior and was constantly at war with the Bhubhu] and so on. The best among the lot was, of course, our own Superstar. The bloke was our manager and looked more like a WWF /br /He was a constant entertainer. We spent long hours with copious cups of chaye and plates of delicious samosas in our canteen discussing and relishing his many antics. This, I hope you understand, was strictly between us, the lesser mortals, the so called span style=”font-style: italic;”developers/span. We firmly believed that the company employed him for the sole purpose of entertaining us and keeping our morale high, as we did not ever see him doing any work whatsoever. But this guy was good at heart, though, it later emerged that he spied for the Grandees of our company, the freaks who sit at top, hate to pay the employees, and speak with a bad accent with the clients. We had this model where the clients [read Gods] outsourced work to our company, and our company used to get rich billing the client hefty amounts with fictitious working hours for each of us. And when I tell you that the salary that we got was around 3% of the amount billed, you know why I had to quit [the legal term of course is span style=”font-style: italic;”absconded/span] after just eight months. Anyway, that’s beside the point. So this evil Mad Squirrel was our client. Technically he was a great guy, having an impressive 11 years of experience. He was one of those guys with whom you never fool around. Strictly business was the word. And if you so much as stray even an inch from the straight and the narrow [read process], he raised up a hell of an issue with the Grandees, threatening to pull the plug on the project, and, since this project was the Goose that laid Golden Eggs monthly, you get the /br /One day the Mad Squirrel comes running, takes the centre stage [he had the company remove all cubicles, so that we had only our monitors to duck], and starts a a href=””soliloquy/a [I always got this spelling wrong in my junior school], blasting our entire dev team in full steam. It seems that some maintenance work that should have been done daily, had not been done for the last couple of months. Closing his monologue and looking around to see the effect [he only saw some blank monitors staring at him, as we had taken shelter behind them long back] and picked up the Superstar, who happened to be the only one peering from his table. He had probably forgotten to duck due to the suddenness of the event [his reflexes were always rather slow] and was still blinking from the effect, perhaps thinking of taking the exit. The Squirrel yelled “And who is working on it?”. Now, our Superstar had no clue, as he was generally ignorant and indifferent of the going ons in the team. But being the fearless leader he was, he had to say something. “Everyone is working on it”, came his reply. The squirrel was so taken aback by this sudden repartee, that he called it a day, and without a word, picked up his laptop and slowly ambled towards the /br /We heaved a sigh of relief, our Superstar had yet again proved his mettle and saved our /br /Thats it for today, have to prepare lunch now, I am famishing. And, stay tuned, more of the Superstar to come.